Streamline Your Deposits with OK Wallet


Welcome to Baji999 Casino, your rich paradise for an immersive cricket Live betting experience in Bangladesh. As a trusted platform that prioritizes convenience and security, we are pleased to introduce our partnership with OK Wallet by ONE Bank Limited. Come join us and explore the features of OK Wallet and how it can enhance your deposit experience at Baji999 Casino, ensuring seamless transactions and uninterrupted betting fun.

Get to know OK Wallet

Your Bank in Your Pocket

OK Wallet, powered by ONE Bank Limited, redefines the concept of banking by providing a comprehensive suite of financial services at your fingertips. In addition to facilitating quick withdrawals, withdrawals and transfers, OK Wallet is the ultimate companion for your daily transactions, whether you are shopping or paying bills. ONE Bank’s commitment to unity and prosperity resonates with OK Wallet, which prioritizes user interests and security.

OK Wallet has a vast network of agents and branches, including 107 branches across Bangladesh, ensuring unparalleled accessibility and convenience. Whe○ther you're recharging your phone on the go or enjoying exclusive offers, OK Wallet meets your diverse needs instantly and securely.

OK Wallet Features Introduction

Versatile Business Solutions Quick Bank Transfers Instant Notifications
OK Wallet caters to businesses of all sizes, from hawker stores to franchise outlets, with its versatile payment solutions. Enjoy swift transfers to your bank account directly from OK Wallet, ensuring hassle-free transactions. Stay informed with instant notifications for every payment received, providing you with real-time updates on your transactions.

OK Wallet deposit step tutorial

Effortlessly Deposit Funds into Your Baji999 Casino Account with OK Wallet

    • Access the deposit section:
    • Sign in to your Baji999 Casino account using your login details.
    • Once successfully logged in, proceed to the "Deposits" section within the website.

    • Select OK Wallet as your deposit method:
    • Within the deposit section, you'll encounter various payment methods at your disposal.Locate and opt for the "OK Wallet" option to proceed with utilizing this payment method.

    • Input deposit amount and account details:
    • Specify the desired amount you wish to deposit into your Baji999 Casino account.
    • Subsequently, furnish your OK Wallet account details as prompted.

    • Initiate payment through OK Wallet:
    • Initiate the payment process by clicking on the designated "Deposit" button.
    • Follow the provided instructions by OK Wallet to authenticate the transaction and validate the deposited amount.
    • Upon successful authorization of the payment, you will receive confirmation notifications from both OK Wallet and Baji999 Casino.


All in all, the partnership between OK Wallet and Baji999 Casino marks an important milestone in providing players with a seamless and secure deposit solution. With OK Wallet’s versatile features, fast bank transfers, and commitment to accessibility, players can enjoy round-the-clock betting fun at Baji999 Casino, where every transaction is an accumulation toward financial freedom.