To bet on online cricket, and use Rocket to deposit!


Welcome to Baji999 Casino, your ultimate destination for exciting games and thrilling cricket betting experience. We remain committed to providing seamless and secure transactions to our valued members and we are delighted to partner with Rocket, the revolutionary mobile banking solution provided by Dutch-Bangla Bank. Join us as we explore Rocket’s features and how it can provide convenient top-ups to your Baji999 Casino account.

Get to know Rocket

Revolutionizing Mobile Banking in Bangladesh

Pioneered by Dutch Bangladesh Bank, Rocket is a game changer in the mobile banking space in Bangladesh. As the first bank to offer banking services across multiple mobile phones, Dutch Bangladesh Bank brings financial inclusion to unbanked communities across the country.

Rocket facilitates banking and financial services including cash deposits, cash withdrawals, merchant payments, utility payments, salary payments, foreign remittances and government subsidy payments. With Rocket, banking services are no longer limited to traditional bank branches, allowing individuals to easily access convenient and affordable financial services.

Rocket Features Introduction

Instant Online Banking Affordable Transactions Secure Transactions
Rocket enables instant online banking, allowing users to perform transactions anytime, anywhere across the country. Banking and prepayment transactions through Rocket can be conducted at affordable costs from authorized agent locations nationwide. Customer funds are safeguarded with Rocket's robust security measures, ensuring that no unauthorized withdrawals or deposits can occur without possessing the mobile phone, PIN, and verification code.

Rocket deposit step tutorial

Follow these simple steps to add funds to your Baji999 Casino account using Rocket:

    • Access the deposit section:
    • Log in to your Baji999 Casino account using your credentials.
    • Once logged in, go to the "Deposit" section of the website.

    • Choose Rocket as your deposit method:
    • In the deposit section you will find several payment methods available.
    • Find and click on the "Rocket" option to continue using this payment method.

    • Enter deposit amount and account details:
    • Specify the amount you wish to deposit into your Baji999 Casino account.
    • Then provide your Rocket account details if required.

    • Initiate a payment through Rocket:
    • Press the "Deposit" button to start the payment process.
    • Follow the instructions provided by Rocket to verify the transaction and approve the deposit amount.
    • Once the payment is successfully authorized, you will receive a confirmation message from Rocket and Baji999 Casino.


All in all, Rocket’s integration with Baji999 Casino provides a seamless and convenient solution for topping up your gaming account. With its instant online banking, affordable prices and stringent security measures, Rocket ensures you can transact with ease and peace of mind.