SureCash: Your Trusted Partner for Effortless Deposits


Welcome to Baji999 Casino, where cricket fans from Bangladesh, Pakistan, and India unite for thrilling gaming experiences. As we strive to enhance our deposit platform to cater to the diverse needs of our global audience, we are delighted to introduce our partnership with SureCash, Bangladesh's premier fintech brand.

Get to know SureCash

Empowering Financial Inclusion Across Bangladesh

SureCash is a beacon in Bangladesh’s fintech space, serving over 20 million customers and working with 1,500 payment partners, including prominent banks such as Rupali Bank Limited.

A comprehensive suite of mobile banking and payments services covering everything from personal transfers to utility bill payments, supporting individuals and businesses. SureCash has over 180,000 retail agents across the country, ensuring accessibility to all, thereby promoting financial inclusion in Bangladesh.

SureCash Features Introduction

Seamless Integration Secure Transactions Accessibility
SureCash seamlessly integrates with Baji999 Casino's deposit platform, allowing players to effortlessly top up their gaming accounts without any hassle. Our robust security measures ensure that every transaction conducted through SureCash is safe and secure, providing peace of mind to our users. With a user-friendly interface and widespread accessibility, SureCash caters to users from diverse backgrounds and technological proficiency levels.

SureCash deposit step tutorial

Effortlessly Top Up Your Baji999 Casino Account with SureCash

    • Navigate to the deposit area:
    • Access your Baji999 Casino profile using your login credentials.
    • Upon successful login, head over to the "Deposit" segment of the site.

    • Opt for SureCash as your deposit channel:
    • Within the deposit area, you'll find an array of payment options to select from.
    • Locate and opt for the "SureCash" alternative to proceed with this payment avenue.

    • Input deposit sum and account particulars:
    • Indicate the desired amount you intend to deposit into your Baji999 Casino account.
    • Then, simply follow the on-screen prompts to furnish your SureCash account particulars.

    • Initiate payment using SureCash:
    • Initiate the payment procedure by clicking on the designated "Deposit" button.
    • Follow the guidance provided by SureCash to authenticate the transaction and confirm the deposit sum.
    • Upon successful authorization of the payment, expect to receive confirmation notifications from both SureCash and Baji999 Casino.


In conclusion, the collaboration between SureCash and Baji999 Casino heralds a new era of convenience and efficiency in the gaming industry. With SureCash's innovative solutions, customized offerings, and commitment to empowerment, players can enjoy seamless deposits and uninterrupted gaming experiences at Baji999 Casino.