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How to deposit with bKash at Baji999 Casino?

Read this guide to learn how to use bKash deposits at Baji999 Casino and get to know our partner-bKash.

Step1: Log in to Baji999 deposit account

Log in to your Baji999 Casino account and select "Deposit".

Log in to Baji999 deposit account Log in to Baji999 deposit account

Step2: Select deposit method

If you want to participate in Baji999 Casino's promotions, you can choose according to your needs. If not, follow the normal default. After selecting an offer, the screen will display the available deposit channels for that offer.

Select deposit method Select deposit method

Step3: Confirm bKash payment

After clicking "bKash", you can choose two deposit channels: "BK4-CASH" or "Bpay".

Confirm bKash payment Confirm bKash payment

Step4: bKash deposit amount

Click the Quick Deposit button and select the amount to deposit.

bKash deposit amount bKash deposit amount

Step5: Confirm details

"Remit money" to the payee number. Please check the payee's detailed information before each deposit. The payee information may be updated from time to time.

Confirm details Confirm details

Step6: Log in to the app

Log in to your bKash app account

Log in to the app Log in to the app

Step7: Confirm deposit successful

After completing the deposit transaction in bKash App, copy the transaction ID and paste it on the deposit form, and click "Submit". You will receive a notification that the deposit has been received and is being processed. After completing the deposit, the balance of Baji999 Casino will renew.

Confirm deposit successful Confirm deposit successful

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